Bayouland Australian Shepherds
Puppy Application
*We Reserve The Right to Refuse an Applicant*

Thank you for your interest in our puppies.
All puppies are sold under contract with normal guarantees. Parents have sound structure and temperament and are OFA and CERF clear.
Our puppies are born and raised in our home and have been given lots of love and attention from day one
In order for us to help pick the perfect pup for you, please answer the following questions:
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Best Time to Contact You

Number and Ages of Children in Household.

Are all household members agreeable to acquiring this puppy?

Are you aware that Aussies are herding dogs and may possibly try to "herd" your children, chase them and nip at their heels?

Are you aware that Aussies are active and intelligent dogs and require a great deal of training, activity and socialization?

Are you aware that Aussies are a double coated breed and shed several times a year?

Are you prepared to commit to this puppy fully in all respects for the dog's entire life (aussies live 12-14 years)?

Describe any other dogs (breed/age/sex/intact/neutered/temperment,etc) in your home.

Do you have a fenced yard?

Where will this puppy spend its days and nights

Please describe your plans for this puppy. (check all that apply) Pet puppies are sold on limited registration spay / nueter contract!

_____companion/pet _____ obedience_____herding_____agility______conformation
_____breeding ______guard dog _______other (describe)

Do you have a sex or color preference? Please describe.

Are you willing to consider a different sex/color? Describe.

Please describe temperment/personality type you prefer (less active/very attentive,etc).

Please list the following references: (Name/address/phone number) and let them know we will be contacting them.



Please use the following space to make any additional comments or ask any questions about us.

Thank you, Yvette LeBlanc, Bayouland Australian Shepherds